Shonto Community Governance

The Shonto Community Governance operates and adheres to the following principles:

Vision Statement

The Shonto Community will be autonomous with an effective local government; where agricultural activities are in balance with social, economic growth, and traditional Dine culture.

Mission Statement

To promote the quality of life and premier services for the community by creating a conducive environment for an efficient, effective, and transparent government by facilitating the development of socio-economic growth and land use.

Community Goal

 Create and maintain a sustainable community with a vibrant economy, environment, society, and a local government with holistic cultural values.


President, Roland Smallcanyon

Vice-President, Marsha Greyeyes

Secretary-Treasurer, Robert K. Black, Jr. 

D2GCM, Brittany Hunt




East, Irene Dayzie

South, Stanley Yazzie

West, Winnifred Bronston 



Manager, Elizabeth Whitethorne-Benally

Administrative Assistant, Arlinda B. Mailboy

Office Specialist, Fawn L. Yazzie 

Maintenance Technician, Calvin Cly