Shonto Community Governance

The Shonto Community Governance operates and adheres to the following principles:

Mission Statement

To improve the management, services and decision making of the Local Chapter Government to enhance and improve the quality of life for the community people; and create an environment conductive to efficient, effective, accountable and responsible form or government including the development of socio-economic growth, health, education, safety and land use. 

Vision Statement

The Shonto [Chapter] Community will be self-sufficient with a strong local government; a place where farming and grazing activities are in balance with residential needs, and where traditional Navajo way of life is balanced with modern opportunities. The Community will have housing, employment, and recreational opportunities, which will allow members to stay in the community and maintain strong family ties.





The Community Goal

 Is “to implement a pro-active scenario informed by local governance and control of resources for sustained community well-being” with Objectives organized under six focus areas:
1) physical place;
2) economic system;
3) environmental;
4) society;
5) local government;
6) symbols.     


President, Roland Smallcanyon

Vice-President, Marsha Greyeyes

Secretary-Treasurer, Robert K. Black, Jr. 

D2GCM, Brittany Hunt



North, Cheryl Cole

East, Irene Dayzie

South, Stanley Yazzie

West, Winnifred Bronston 



Manager, Elizabeth Whitethorne-Benally

Administrative Assistant, Arlinda B. Mailboy

Office Specialist, Fawn L. Yazzie 

Maintenance, Calvin Cly